Full Stack Software Developer

London, United Kingdom · Product


We are looking for a mid-level full stack developer to take over from our external development team and

help to bring the build of our service in-house. Joining a small team of three you will be a key member of

the founding team working closely with our Product Manager.

We built InMyBag because people kept telling us they needed a recovery service they could trust. Time

and time again we heard stories of people being let down by insurance when they needed it most. And for

freelancers and mobile professionals, to be without a device is to be stranded and unable to work. We

spoke to mobile professionals from a wide range of industries to understand how to build the best

recovery service. People who care about the quality of their work, who value trust and simplicity. People

like us who want things that just work. This is what we are building.


As the first engineer in the company you will contribute to the technical architecture of our product and

be a vital part of the team, helping to evolve the existing product. Development to date has been

constructed by an agency and you will bring this in-house. You will be responsible for managing the back

end database, which includes policy administration, as well as translating UI/UX design wireframes into

code. We are looking for an engineer who empathises with our customers problems, develops solutions

and can measure results.


• are passionate about technology and user experience

• are able to work independently in an agile manner and plan your own solutions to problems

• have knowledge of Java, PHP (craft or other PHP content management system)

• are comfortable developing in a modern front end framework using Angular.js, HTMl, CSS, Javascript

• have a good understanding of relational and document-oriented databases, writing custom queries and

designing schemas.

• have experience of version control (git)

• knowledge or experience of react would be desirable

• understand test driven development (TDD), the ability to structure your code so it’s testable, and the

desire to write tests.

• are open, communicative and fun to work with.

In addition, you:

• love problem solving - enjoy deconstructing problems and finding solutions

• want to work in an early stage business, where there is an ability to shape the direction and growth of

the company but also...

• understand the risks and difficulties that there are in working at a start up.


Equity available - to discuss.

We do weekly team lunches exploring different cuisines (but there's nothing wrong with the odd fish and chips)

We're a super small team, and our culture fosters collaboration - we're evolving a brand new service and there is a huge amount of scope to be creative and contribute to the company in a meaningful way

We like coffee, but we're not hipsters

Our office is next to a beautiful park (you might have heard of it)

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